Malaysian Open Source Virtual Firewall Router

Why we need Garcinia VM?

With the increasing dependencies on the Internet and networks of computers for our business use the threat we are facing now are also the growing. From viruses, DDOS, hackers attacks and a lot more, these bare threats are all over the netosphere and we wont even know who is the culprits trying to intrude into our systems. When they do our business can be jeopardized. 

Garcinia VM is a virtual product that manages your network from any congestion and harm. Garcinia analyze the incoming and outgoing network traffic. Loss gambling and manipulation of data, business secrets and confidential of data leaks, lost of time due to the down time is loss of money to the business. Firewall are indeed important and everyone who is online must strive to have a firewall protection before it’s vulnerable to external and internal. After years of research and development using OPNSense project which is free, we customized distribution of hardenedBSD kernel, we repackage and named it Garcinia to support our local industries and open source community especially in this country.

You need Garcinia due to these following reasons :

1. It avoids all unwanted incoming and outgoing network traffic based on source or destination.
2. Report about Network traffic and activities to the Network administrator.
3. Protect your valuable data and confidential data.
4. By Protecting your network, it allows your network to function without any stop,24x7x365 days.
5. Cheaper price compare to others competitor products.

Malaysian Made Product: Garcinia Firewall Router are Malaysian made product, proudly we present the First Network Security product that developed by 100% Malaysia with implementation and the blend of Asian Culture through the name. GARCINIA is a scientific name of MANGOESTEEN that control your network environment and give protection against various threat.